Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The M1 Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides continuous oxygen output even when the patient is on the move.

M1 Portable Oxygen Concentrator by Summit Surgical

M1 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Performance

  • Power Consumption: 90W
  • Working Voltage: 220V±10% 50HZ±1
  • Car – inverter cable (M1 with car accessories),
  • Fife span of unit 20000 hours, servicing required after 3000 hours
  • Purity: 0-1L/min: 90%; 1-5L/min: 30%-90%% (Purity change according to the adjustment of flow)
  • Noise level: 40dB and lower
  • Weight: 6KG
  • Dimension: 324×199×320 mm


  • AC/DC powered ideal for use in car or home.
  • One liter to Five liters adjustable by simple switch press.
  • Continuous Oxygen Flow.
  • Total working hours display
  • Timing control function
  • Portable and modern design
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