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Standard Wheelchair CR14-20 - Summit Surgical

This popular and affordable wheelchair is for those who need to personalise their standard wheelchair. Made in South Africa from mild steel, according to stringent quality standards, therefore ensuring strength, quality, and durability, whilst keeping the comfort levels up, and the costs low.

The CR14-20 can be ordered to fit your exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit*. Different sizes of footrests are also available to suit your individual need**. The CR14-20 is also easy to fold and transport.

CR14-20 Standard Wheelchair Features

Easily Foldable

The CR14-20 Standard Wheelchair can be folded easily by lifting the seat upwards. The chair becomes compact for easy loading into a vehicle or for storing away.

Standard Wheelchair Mag Wheels

The CR14-20 comes standard with strong durable mag wheels. These heavy-duty wheels come with solid tires, completely eliminating punctures.  Mag wheels are low on maintenance and will keep you moving for many years.

Padded Armrests

The CR14-20 comes standard with removable armrests. These are great to provide some extra upper limb support and comfort when using your chair. They are also a great attachment for our tray table (sold separately).

Standard Wheelchair CR14-20 Specifications

  • Maximum User Weight – 110kg
  • Wheelchair Weight – 18.8kg
  • *Seat Width – Available in 14″(CR14); 16″(CR16); 18″(CR18); 20″(CR20)
  • Backrest Height – 42cm
  • Seat Depth – 41cm
  • Seat Height – 48.5-51cm
  • Frame – Mild steel in Black
  • **Footrests – The CR14-20 is supplied standard with long footrest hangers, but can also be ordered with a choice of medium, short or 90-degree hangers.  
  • Foldable
  • 12 Month carry-in Guarantee
  • Full-Service Back-up
  • Spare Parts are readily available

Repairs and Maintenance

When you purchase a wheelchair always ensure that your supplier has the maintenance and service backup, as well as spare parts available that you may need in the future. We assist in facilitating any repairs, maintenance, or services that you may require on your wheelchair. You can rest assured that your CR14-20 Wheelchair comes with this backup and that it will last for many years to come.

Numerous other wheelchair models and accessories are available upon request

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