Mepilex Border Flex

Wounds need to heal. Patients need care. Nurses need time. Budgets are tight. The challenge is finding a wound dressing that is comfortable and stays on as long as it is needed.

Introducing the Mepilex® Border Flex range – Wound Dressing

Our next generation of flexible wound dressings are designed to stay on and uniquely
conform; giving time back to nurses, cost savings back to managers and quality
of life back to patients.

Mepilex Border Flex Wound Dressing. Five Layer system. Wound Care by Summit Surgical.

Choose the right wound dressing for your patient’s needs

Designed for a wide range of exuding wounds
including: leg and foot ulcers, traumatic wounds
(e.g. skin tears) and surgical wounds, as well
as part of a prophylactic therapy to help prevent
skin damage, e.g. pressure ulcers.

Oval Shape Mepilex Border Flex wound dressing
Square Shape Mepilex Border Flex wound dressing

Up to 1/3 of patients complain that their dressing needs changing daily

Smart Exudate Management

Giving you the confidence to leave the dressing on for longer and still maintain an optimal wound healing environment. Provides as much as 2.2x greater exudate handling compared to other tested foam dressings.

1. Rapid absorption with minimal swelling:

The foam layer allows rapid absorption of both normal and viscous exudate and it is better at handling exudate than comparable dressings.

3. Traps bacteria away from the wound:

The superabsorbent fibers in the retention layer prevent exudate containing bacteria from re-entering the wound bed, even under compression. The backing film prevents the entry of external bacteria.

2. Maximises capacity by channeling exudate:

Exudate is channeled away from the wound and over a wider area to increase moisture vapour loss and reduce swelling.

4. Tracks exudate without dressing removal:

The Exudate Progress Monitor allows the spread of exudate to be objectively assessed and recorded, without disturbing the wound.

How the Exudate Progress Monitor works

Leaving wounds undisturbed assists in healing. The Exudate Progress Monitor gives you the confidence to leave the dressing in place for longer.

Exudate Progress Monitor 1
The Exudate Progress Monitor is a grid of equidistant dots
Exudate Progress Monitor 2
e.g. 4 x 4cm
As exudate spreads you can record a dot count that reflects
exudate volume in the dressing.
Exudate Progress Monitor 3
e.g. 8 x 10cm
You can then refer to the recorded dot count to help
monitor exudate trends.
Exudate Progress Monitor 4
e.g. 10 x 14cm
Consider dressing change
when exudate is approaching
the borders of the dressing.

9 out of 10 patients feel their wound impacts their quality of life.

Reduced pain and damage to the skin

All Mepilex® Border Flex dressings seek to reduce the trauma caused by dressing changes. This is made possible by our proven Safetac® soft silicone wound contact layer, which minimises pain and damage to the skin and risk of maceration compared with traditional (adhesive) wound dressings.

More than half (58%) of patients complain that their dressing pulls or doesn’t move with their body

Wound Dressing that is Designed to Conform and Stay On

Thanks to Flex Technology, the unique conformability of Mepilex® Border Flex allows it to adapt to the shape and movement of the patient. Reducing pressure on the skin and pull on the borders increase comfort and minimises the risk of detachment. And it’s water resistant so your patients can shower.

Mepilex Border Flex wound dressing - Water resistant.
Mepilex Border Flex unique flex technology.

Mepilex® Border Flex can make a positive impact on your budget

Every unnecessary dressing change comes at a cost, from the care hours and material waste, to the patient’s discomfort.

In a QIP (quality improvement project) performed during one year, it was observed that Mepilex® Border Flex can, as part of other improvement processes implemented, help reduce these costs by staying on for longer, supporting patients and carers in achieving their healing and budget goals.

In another recent QIP performed during 6 months, it was observed that dressing utilisation was reduced in the group using Mepilex® Border Flex vs. the group with formulary dressing, decreasing the total cost of care and giving time back to nurses.

Cost Saving Mepilex Border Flex.
Summit Surgical are Proud distributors of Mepilex Border Flex in South Africa
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