Anti-Bedsore Bubble Mattress

QDC-303 Bubble Mattress

The QDC-303 Anti-Bedsore Bubble Mattress, which forms an integral part of Summit Surgical’s HomeCare range, is designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage 1 in short-term and domiciliary therapies.

QDC-303 Anti-Bedsore Mattress Features

The mattress is made from durable medical-grade water-resistant PVC, and is able to support up to 135kg. It is composed of 130 bubble cells, each 7cm high, which, in addition to the adjustable pressure dial on the pump for precise airflow, makes this mattress an extra comfortable, anti-decubitus, solution.

QDC-303 Anti-Bedsore Mattress 130 bubble cells - Summit Surgical
QDC-303 Anti-decubitus Bubble mattress - Summit Surgical

The QDC-303 Pressure Care Mattress has an alternating air function that sequentially deflates and inflates alternate cells at approximately 6-minute intervals. The alternating air function coupled with the revolutionary air-lift technology effectively helps to avoid and treat sore spots, pressure ulcers, and other pressure sores (bedsores).

The Bubble Mattress is highly resistant to punctures but in the unlikely event of a puncture occurring, the kit does contain a puncture repair kit.

The pump that is included in the package utilizes a small compressor to provide excellent performance while remaining ultra-quiet and energy efficient.

QDC-303 Anti-Bedsore Mattress Specifications

1. Dimensions without flaps – 200X90X7cm

2. Mattress Material – TW NanYa EN71 Odourless Medical-Grade PVC

3. Material Thickness – 0.35mm

4. Cold-resistance – -30°C

5. Number of Cells – 130

6. Weight Support – 135Kg

7. Warranty – 12 months

P2000 Pump Specifications

1. Electrical – AC 110V/220V

2. Pressure Range – 40-100 mmHg

3. Air Output – 6-7L/min

4. Dimensions – 26.5X13.5X10cm

5. TUV-CE IEC/EN60601-1&60601-1-2

6. Alternating: – 1-in-2

7. Warranty – 12 Months

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