Adult Diapers

Infinity Care Adult Diapers

Infinity Care Ultra Adult Diapers are manufactured in South Africa and are designed for heavy absorbency, allowing extra security for the user. They are suitable for highly dependent/ bedridden users who require maximum absorbency.

Odour and Skin Rash Control with Anti Leak Barrier

Infinity Care Diapers are also odour-controlled, and Aloe Vera in the diaper soothes the skin and significantly lowers the chance of skin rash. Special inner leg cuffs provide an effective anti-leak barrier for extra peace of mind.

Wide Variety of Sizes Available

Infinity Care Adult Nappies are available in five convenient sizes and are colour coded for the convenience of carers in hospitals or frail care centres.

Small Adult Diapers - Summit Surgical
Small 60-80cm
Medium Nappies - Summit Surgical
Medium 70-110cm
Large Adult Diapers - Summit Surgical
Large 100-150cm
Xtra Large Adult Diapers - Summit Surgical
XLarge 130-180cm
Xtra Xtra Large Nappies - Summit Surgical
XXLarge 175-185cm

Medical Aid Claims

Summit Surgical’s adult diapers do have nappi codes and so we will gladly assist you in claiming from your Medical Aid, should your plan cover that benefit. Please check with your medical aid scheme directly to confirm whether you qualify to claim for any particular product.

Frail Care Centres and Old Age Homes Buying Adult Diapers in Bulk, Qualifies for Special Pricing.

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