The QDC-8090 Pressure Care Mattress represents the pinnacle of pressure care technology. It stands as the most advanced alternating air pressure care system available on the market today. Unlike conventional anti-bedsore solutions, the QDC-8090 doesn’t require an additional mattress underneath; its bottom cells serve as a comprehensive pressure support base, making it a complete mattress replacement solution.

Equipped with a multi-mode pump, the QDC-8090 offers not only alternating pressure redistribution but also a static mode with constant low-pressure reduction. In alternating mode, the system periodically redistributes pressure by inflating and deflating cells, mimicking natural sleep movement patterns to avoid long-term pressurization of skin and tissue. In static mode, pressure is significantly reduced, aiding in immersion and envelopment for added comfort and pressure relief.

Key Features:

  • Stage 4 Pressure Care Replacement Mattress.
  • Able to support patients up to 200kg
  • Decreases danger of pressure sores.
  • Individually replaceable cells for easy maintenance.
  • Visual alarms alert caregivers of any unusual movements.
  • Nylon PU Cover with cotton lining for biocompatibility, vapor permeability, water resistance, and flame retardance.
  • Complete all-around zipper for easy cleaning and fluid resistance.
  • Ventilated low-air-loss cells minimize moisture buildup.
  • Integrated CPR strap for rapid deflation in emergencies.
  • CPR, Static/Nursing mode, and Pillow Function for versatile use.
  • Spring-lined tubes prevent kinking for consistent airflow.
  • Anti-slip elasticated strap ensures mattress stability.
  • Easy-to-use connector for quick pump attachment.
  • Transport cap for sealing air during transportation or transfer.
  • Suitable for home, hospital, or care center use.
  • High-quality P5000 pump with air-pressure adjustment and low-pressure alarm functions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions – lying surface: 200×90×22cm
  • Cell Height: 22cm (8″)
  • Cell & Base Material: Nylon PU with cotton lining
  • Cell Material: TPU Nylon
  • Number of Cells: 20 cells, 1 free spare cell included
  • Mattress System: Complete mattress replacement
  • Pressure Ulcer Care: Up to Stage 4
  • Weight Support: 200kg
  • Pump Dimensions: 30×13.5×11cm
  • Electrical: AC 110/220V | 50/60Hz
  • Air Output: 7-8 L/min
  • Pressure Range: 55-120mm
  • Warranty: 12 Months*

Experience unparalleled comfort and pressure relief with the QDC-8090 Ultra Advanced Alternating Air Pressure Mattress. Ideal for patients at all stages, it ensures superior care and support in any setting.