Mepilex Border Flex

Wounds need time to heal, patients need proper care, and nurses need more time to focus on their patients. Introducing the Mepilex® Border Flex range, our next generation of flexible dressings designed to provide comfort and adhere securely, allowing healthcare professionals and individual users to save time and budgets to stretch further. These dressings are created to reduce trauma during dressing changes, with the innovative Safetac® soft silicone wound contact layer that minimizes pain, skin damage, and the risk of maceration.

Smart Exudate Management: Mepilex® Border Flex dressings offer advanced exudate management, providing confidence to leave the dressing on for longer periods while maintaining an optimal wound-healing environment. Here’s how it works:

  1. Rapid Absorption with Minimal Swelling: The foam layer allows for rapid absorption of both normal and viscous exudate, surpassing other comparable dressings in exudate management.
  2. Maximizes Capacity by Channelling Exudate: Exudate is effectively channeled away from the wound and over a wider area, increasing moisture vapor loss and reducing swelling.
  3. Traps Bacteria Away from the Wound: The retention layer, containing superabsorbent fibers, prevents exudate containing bacteria from re-entering the wound bed, even under compression. The backing film also acts as a barrier against external bacteria.
  4. Tracks Exudate Without Dressing Removal: The Exudate Progress Monitor enables objective assessment and recording of exudate spread, without disturbing the wound, ensuring accurate monitoring of healing progress.

Designed to Conform and Stay On: Mepilex® Border Flex dressings feature Flex Technology, allowing them to conform to the shape and movement of the patient. This unique conformability reduces pressure on the skin, minimizes the risk of detachment, and increases overall comfort. Additionally, the dressings are water-resistant, enabling patients to shower without compromising their wound care.

Positive Impact on Budget: Mepilex® Border Flex can make a significant impact on your budget by reducing unnecessary dressing changes and associated costs. Here’s how it helps:

  • Care Hours and Material Waste Reduction: By staying on for longer periods, Mepilex® Border Flex reduces the need for frequent dressing changes, thereby saving care hours and minimizing material waste.
  • Improved Patient Comfort: Fewer dressing changes mean less discomfort for patients, enhancing their healing experience and overall satisfaction.
  • Cost Reduction: In quality improvement projects (QIPs) conducted over a year, Mepilex® Border Flex demonstrated cost savings by staying on for longer durations. This, along with other improvement processes, helps support patients, caregivers, and budget goals.
  • Reduced Dressing Utilization: In a recent QIP conducted over six months, the group using Mepilex® Border Flex showed a decrease in dressing utilization compared to the group using formulary dressings. This reduction in total care costs allows nurses to save time and allocate resources more efficiently.

Order Mepilex® Border Flex today and experience the next generation of flexible dressings that promote wound healing while saving time and resources.

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