Description: Melgisorb® Ag is a highly effective antimicrobial alginate dressing designed to address the needs of wounds with high exudate levels and potential infection risks. This dressing combines advanced technology with proven antimicrobial properties to create an optimal environment for wound healing.


  • Antimicrobial Action: Melgisorb® Ag provides rapid and sustained antimicrobial activity, helping to reduce bioburden in infected wounds and acting as a barrier against infection in high-risk wounds.
  • Effective Pathogen Inactivation: In vitro studies have demonstrated that Melgisorb® Ag can effectively inactivate wound-relevant pathogens, including bacteria and fungi, within four hours and for up to 14 days.
  • High Absorbency: The alginate fibers in Melgisorb® Ag are highly absorbent, capable of managing large volumes of exudate from moderately to heavily exuding cavity and flat wounds.
  • Promotes Moist Wound Healing: By absorbing excess exudate and forming a soft gel, Melgisorb® Ag creates a moist wound environment that is conducive to optimal wound healing.


  • Management of moderately to heavily exuding cavity and flat wounds.
  • Reduction of bioburden in infected wounds.
  • Prevention of infection in wounds at high risk of infection or re-infection.

Contents: Each box contains 10 individual Melgisorb® Ag 10x10cm dressings.

Note: Consult a healthcare professional for proper wound management and dressing selection.


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