About Us

Summit Surgical was established in 2008 in order to conduct business in the medical sector.

While the company has very broad competence in medical supplies, the focus of the business is medical specialities that set it apart as a leader in its field of expertise. The company is especially capable in Cardio-Thoracics, Infection Control, and Frail Care.

The members of the corporation are experienced campaigners in the medical field, with a combined background covering a wide scope of diverse medical products.

The business is headquartered in Randburg (Johannesburg), South Africa, and enjoys a separate center of operations, also in Randburg.

Representation extends to Gauteng, Free State, Western Cape, and KZN, whilst the other provinces are covered by personnel from Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Key agencies held include Rocket Medical (UK), Haigh Engineering (UK), and Curas Ltd. (UK); with several other supply chains and competencies in place. While special care is taken to be involved with products of superior quality; the company is interested in immersing itself in tangible solutions that significantly assist its clients.

The aim and practice is to make a real difference to select sections of the Healthcare Industry on a daily basis.

Core values are integrity and dependability; with intellectual and product excellence exclusive of compromise. Personal relationships play a large part in the company’s ethos.

Summit Surgical exports successfully to neighbouring countries and other African countries as far as Kenya.

The company enjoys its role as a participant in the dynamic sphere of the Healthcare Industry in Africa in the 21st century and looks forward to meeting future challenges.